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File #: 20-355    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Hillside Status: Agenda Ready
File created: 9/4/2020 In control: Hillside Building Committee
On agenda: 9/9/2020 Final action:
Title: Formal Review for a new single family residence at 5405 E San Miguel Avenue (APN 172-47-041).
Attachments: 1. Hillside Map.pdf, 2. Vicinity Map.pdf, 3. Aerial.pdf, 4. Application.pdf, 5. Notification Materials.pdf, 6. Narrative.pdf, 7. Plans.pdf, 8. Material Board.pdf


Hillside Building Committee




Hugo Vasquez; Hillside Development Administrator




September 9th, 2020




Formal Review for a new single family residence at 5405 E San Miguel Avenue (APN 172-47-041).




The proposed project shall construct a new single family residence.  The new project has an application date of May 25th, 2020 and will be reviewed under the 2018 Hillside Development Regulations.


Lot Data


Area of Lot

1.317 ac or 57,377 ft²


Area Under Roof

13,349 ft²


Floor Area Ratio



Building Site Slope



Allowable Disturbed Area

6,912 ft² (12.05%)


Existing Gross Disturbed Area

22,003 ft² (38.35%)


Proposed Net Disturbed Area

12,583 ft² (21.93%)


Maximum Building Height

27 ft - 10.25 in


Overall Height

28 ft - 10.25 in


Volume of Cut/Fill

3,605 yd³


Hillside Assurance




The property contains an empty lot, as the previously existing residence was demolished in 2015.


New Single Family Residence

The new project shall construct a new single family residence with approximately 10,000 ft2 of livable area.



A new pool is proposed north of the residence.


Building Materials

The proposed building materials shall include stucco finishes in gray (DEC751, [darkened] Ash Gray, LRV 38), cast in place concrete (LRV <38), and exposed ground face masonry (LRV <38).  Roof shall be dark gray metal (LRV <38) and foam with grey granules (LRV <38).  Metal fascia, soffits, and overhangs shall match the gray metal roof.  Window and door frames shall be anodized black aluminum (LRV <38).  Metal guardrails, fencing, and chimney cap shall be painted dark gray (DEC6370, Charcoal Smudge, LRV 11).  All materials shall have an LRV of 38 or less.



The driveway and auto court shall utilize pavers (Graphite Blend, LRV <38).  Patios and walkways shall be artistic pavers (Silver Sam, LRV <38).  All materials shall have an LRV of 38 or less.


Building Lighting

All proposed building lighting shall be provided through thirty-five (35) recessed can lights (670 lumens actual / 750 lumens allowable), three (3) wall sconces (500 lumens actual / 750 lumens allowable), and eighteen (18) lower output wall sconces (275 lumens actual / 750 lumens allowable).  All light sources shall have a maximum color temperature of 3000K. 


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting includes sixteen (16) path lights (74 lumens actual / 250 lumens allowable), twelve (12) wall lights (10 lumens actual / 250 lumens allowable), and twelve (12) ledge lights (5 lumens actual / 250 lumens allowable).  All light sources shall have a maximum color temperature of 2700K.



Artificial turf is proposed at the northwest corner of the residence.  Proposed site vegetation is provided on the table below:






Cow’s Horn Agave

Golden Barrel


Aloe Vera

Regal Mist


Hercules Aloe

Deer Grass



Mexican Fence Post

Blue Elf Aloe

Sticks of Fire



Slipper Plant



Land Disturbance

A gross disturbed area of 38.35% (22,003 ft2) currently exists on the lot and the building pad slope of 26.53% allows a disturbance of 12.05% (6,912 ft2) the lot.  The applicant has proposed a net disturbed area of approximately 21.93% (12,583 ft2), which is less than the existing disturbance. 


Grading and Drainage

There will be grading associated with the construction of the property in order to properly retain the “pre vs post” storm water volumes for the 100-year, 2-hour rainfall event.  Stormwater generated onsite will be retained with underground storage tanks located in the driveway and in the north patio.  Water entering the property from the south will be redirected around the developed area. 



Public sewer is located near the property on N 54th Street.  The applicant has proposed a connection to the existing sewer line.


Hillside Safety Improvement Plan

The Applicant submitted a Hillside Safety Improvement Plan in accordance with the Hillside Safety Improvement Measures and Process Manual per Section 5-10-9 of the Town Code.  The plan completed 45 days without any public comment. 


Formal Plan Review

Should the Hillside Committee wish to approve this application, staff suggests the following stipulations:


1.                     Any changes to the Hillside-approved plans may result in delays in permit plan review and inspection processes.  Any proposed changes should be reported to the Staff to determine compliance with Hillside Development Regulations.  Changes may be subject to a Staff, Chair, or Committee review. 


2.                     The Applicant shall submit a Construction Staging Plan to the Town per the Hillside Safety Improvement Measures and Process Manual for review and approval prior to being issued a building permit.


3.                     The Applicant shall submit a liability insurance policy for the proposed project in the amount of $2 million per occurrence and $5 million aggregate naming the Town of Paradise Valley as an additional insured prior to being issued a building permit.


4.                     Prior to issuance of a permit, the Applicant shall submit a Hillside Assurance in the amount of $121,511.


5.                     All construction parking shall be located on the property as much as possible.  Any offsite parking shall be confined to the adjacent streets along the immediate property frontage.  All offsite parking shall be located on the same side of the street.  No construction materials will be allowed to be stored on the Town’s right-of-way.


6.                     All recommendations provided in the Safety Improvement Plan shall be followed by the applicant.  Any field work related to the Safety Improvement Plan, including but not limited to rock bolting, rock cuts, mesh placement, and boulder stabilization methods, shall be inspected by a qualified Special Inspector contracted by the applicant.  An Arizona Registered Engineer contracted by the applicant shall review, for compliance with the recommendations provided in the Safety Improvement Plan, the proposed plans prior to submitting for a permit.  The contracted Arizona Registered Engineer shall provide a sealed letter stating that the plans submitted are in accordance with the Safety Improvement Plan.  


7.                     No final approval or certificate of occupancy shall be issued until all Hillside stipulations and all Town Code requirements are complied with, including, but not limited to, landscaping, fire flow, fire safety and all onsite and offsite improvements.


8.                     The limits of construction and proposed disturbed areas shall be clearly staked in the field, with visible roping, prior to demolition and during construction and shall conform to the approved individual site analysis plan.  Photos of the staking shall be provided prior to issuance of a demolition and/or building permit.


9.                     Noise from construction that can be heard off-site, including, but not limited to, hydraulic ram hammers, equipment used to cut through rock, machinery with audible back-up warning devices, powered machinery, truck delivery and idling, constant and persistent hammering, shall comply with Article 8-10, Nuisance Noise, as set forth in the Town Code. Heavy Equipment and construction-related deliveries are generally limited between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; no work on Saturday, Sunday or legal holidays. Exceptions include a one hour early start time in summer, time exceptions granted by the Town Manager, and construction not defined as Heavy Equipment or deliveries that can occur outside the 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, time frame.


10.                     Natural stone selections shall not exceed the maximum allowable LRV of 38.  Care should be taken when selecting to ensure that the maximum LRV is not exceeded.  Failure to comply with may result in delays obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. 


11.                     The civil engineer of record shall inspect the final grading and drainage improvements and shall provide a report or memo confirming that the improvements are constructed per plan.  Any deviations from the approved plan shall be noted and addressed in the report or memo.


12.                     The previously submitted Hillside Safety Improvement Plan shall be revised prior to submitting for a building permit.  The land boulder survey and fill slopes shall be further defined on the map.  A boulder stabilization and fill slope stabilization plan will be required with the building permit submittal.


13.                     A landscape as-built plan shall be provided by the landscape designer at the time of the Final Hillside inspection and prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.  See Stipulation #1 for more information.